Rent a scooter in Moscow


Rent a scooter in Moscow

About us
We are placed in the heart of Moscow, close to Kurskaya metro station.

We offer you to rent a scooter as a way to feel the real vibe of Moscow city.

Our scooters are always ready for you because they are well-maintained.
Our scooters
Grab a chance to see the capital of Russia from a new perspective
Вернуться назад
How to rent a scooter?
Make sure you are eligible
You are 18 and older with valid driving license
Book a scooter via this site or a phone-call

Sign papers, leave a deposit and rent
Deposit is 5000 rubles. We will give it back right after we check a scooter when you return it.
Get your scooter

Why Flow Scooters?

Add us on WhatsApp to find out +7 (985) 084 60 80
Why you should rent a scooter from us
We are the only in Moscow to offer Honda Joker models. You can also rent a popular and reliable Honda Giorno. Only here you can rent an extremely powerful Vespa ET4.
We regularly inspect and maintain our scooters.
What goes with a scooter?
We will provide one helmet, a safety cable and a raincoat for free so that you feel comfortable whatever weather is like.
Can I pick up a scooter near my metro station?
Yes, we can deliver or pick up a scooter near any metro station within the Koltsevaya line (Radial line). The cost is 500 rubles.
Can I ride a scooter together with my friend?
Yes, of course. Though it is important to understand that riding with a passenger is more dangerous as the stopping distance increases. Therefore, we do not recommend taking a passenger if you rent a scooter for the first time. It is better to take the scooter once more and then enjoy the ride together.
Also, riding alone is more comfortable.
What`s with gasoline?
Scooters need gasoline AI-92. It consumes about 2.5–3 litres per 100 km. You will receive a scooter with a full tank and must return it with a full tank.

There are two gas stations near us where you can replenish your fuel. Or you can pay 300 rubles and we will do it for you.
What type of driving license do I need?
Any type, including category B.
Is it difficult to drive a scooter?
There is nothing difficult to deal with! The most important thing is to be sober, attentive and careful. We will show the controls, instruct and explain how to drive a scooter in Moscow streets.
Is it dangerous?
Not more than driving a bike. You can fall down for the lack of experience, on a slippery road, as a result of an accident or overestimating your skills. But this can be dealt with if you take it seriously.
Contact us
We will answer all your questions
+7 (985) 084 60 80
Zemlyanoy Val Street, 25с5

How to reach us
2 minutes from Kurskaya metro station. There is also a convenient exit from the Sadovoe Ring.

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